Dr. David Aurentz,
industrial scientist with an unyielding dedication to students

Since receiving his own doctorate in chemistry at Penn State, Dr. David Aurentz ’98, has sought to share his passion for chemistry. As an associate professor of chemistry at Penn State Berks, David’s become an integral part of student life in science on the campus, teaching a range of courses from first year seminar and introductory chemistry to laboratory and organic chemistry.

Students have the utmost respect for David, citing his ability to motivate others, excellent teaching skills, and uncompromising commitment to his students.

“As an industrial scientist who moved into academia,” one colleague noted, “Dave could have adopted a transmission pedagogy, spending most class time telling students about chemistry. Instead, Dave seemed to know—instinctually—that the best way to help students learn is by engaging them with the subject.”

Outside of the classroom, David advises life science and biology majors, mentors undergraduate teaching assistants, and conducts research in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. And, in true Penn State spirit, his projects often involve biology and food science faculty members, undergraduate students, and industry collaborators.